Board of Directors

Board of Directors

2017-2018 Celebrating Our Twenty-First Year

Nancé Kinney - Founder


Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse Board of Directors

Presentation of the 2017 donation of $325,000 at the Recognition Dinner on October 26, 2017.  From left to right:

Claudia Gavery (WBCS Immediate Past Secretary and Board Member)

Nancé Kinney (WBCS Founder)

Vera Wilson (WBCS Board Member)

Colleen Reilly (WBCS Board Chair)

Anne Mongoven (WBCS Board Member)

Elizabeth Haas (WBCS Board Member)

Patty Virnig (WBCS Immediate Past Chair and Board Member)

Diane Zore (WBCS Board Member)

Jan Lennon (WBCS Board Member)

Kadie Jelenchick (WBCS Board Member)

John R. Raymond, Sr., MD (President & CEO, MCW)

Ellen Irion (WBCS Board Member)

Kathy Dean (WBCS Board Member)

Linda Short (WBCS Board Member)

The all-volunteer WBCS Board of Directors meets monthly to ensure the mission and impact of the organization are on track and being executed as efficiently and effectively as possible, in order to fulfill our commitment to funding research at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Executive Committee
Colleen M Reilly, Chair
Claudia Gavery, Secretary
Kimberly A. Jones, CPA, Treasurer
Patricia Virnig, Immediate Past Chair


Kathleen Dean
Margie Edwards
Elizabeth A. N. Haas, Esq.
Ellen Irion
Kadie M. Jelenchick, Esq.
Jan Lennon
Kathryn Q. Mohr, Financial Secretary
Anne Mongoven
Linda Short
Vera B. Wilson

Past Chairs

Eileen Dubner
Claudia Gavery
Squeakie (Katherine) Bruce
Jan Lennon
Judy Gehl
Kadie Jelenchick
Patricia Virnig


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